Tips for Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs! Part 2

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In Part 1 of Tips for Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs! I gave the 10 overall keys to getting ripped six pack abs which focused mainly on the exercises and mental game. In part 2 of Tips for Getting Six Pack Abs we will focus on the other half of the ripped abs success equation -Proper Nutrition.

Learning how, what and when to eat is crucial if you want to sculpt a ripped physique with striated six pack abs! You can strengthen your midsection with constant exercising, but if you consume the wrong foods, in the wrong amounts and at the wrong times, you will never see results. A smart nutrition strategy is essential!

Here are some key eating strategies to get and keep you eating right in your quest for six pack abs:

1. Calories Count

Keep your calorie intake below your calorie expenditure. As a general rule of thumb, keep caloric intake around 2000 calories per day or about 10 calories for every pound of body weight you carry, but never less than 1200 calories a day, for optimal fat loss.

2. Cycle Your Total Calories Daily

Each day do your best to vary your caloric intake from 1200 on one day to 1800 the next, then back down to 1400 the third day and then you can jump back to 2000 on day four, for best fat loss results.

You get the picture! This will keep you body guessing, never feeling deprived into thinking it is in a starvation state, where it is programmed to hoard body fat instead of releasing body fat more efficiently.

This will help get you into a fat burning mode instead of a fat storing mode, which in turn will help get your body fat down and moving towards 10% so you can begin seeing your chiseled six pack!

3. Think Protein First

When planning each meal always make sure that the majority of the calories in your meal, around 40-5o percent, come from lean protein. Good sources of quality protein include: chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, low fat cottage cheese and milk.

Scientific studies show that protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels when its consumed with carbs which contributes to a sort of time-released energy as opposed to spikes up and down. Whey protein in particular has been shown to help stimulate the release of appetite-suppressant hormones, causing you to eat less!

Studies have demonstrated that adding whey protein to a midday snack or beverage provides stable energy and can help control food intake at the next meal. Protein also has the highest thermogenic effect of any food. This means our metabolism gets a boost when we eat protein and as a result we burn more calories.

In summary, protein helps build muscle, requires more energy to digest-increasing calorie burn, and gives you a harder more defined look to you physique. It keeps you feeling full longer as well as keeping your insulin levels in check, which will keep fat burning enzymes turned on!

Wow! What a power food PROTEIN is for helping you get your body fat down in preparation for the unveiling of those six pack abs!

In part 3 of Tips for Getting Six Pack Abs, I will give you a few more key nutrition tips for getting ripped six pack abs! We will cover the importance of fiber, eating the right amount of food in each meal, eating at the right times and a few other Nutrition pearls of wisdom.

So check in next week for part 3 and for the complete program order now….
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By Charles Damiano
Nutrition and Fitness Expert
Bestselling author of “Rapidly Ripped
The Ultimate Fat Burning System for Life!
Body-for-Life 2004 Grand Master Champion Winner
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