Eat More to Sky Rocket Your Metabolism and Fat Loss!

Why eating 5 to 6 meals a day is the way to go when it comes to losing  fat, gaining  muscle and having more energy!

If you are still eating according to the old school, traditional “three meals per day” and have a tendency to gain weight, all your body sees is that it is starving between meals and is a formula for metabolic disaster!

Lets take a look at the traditional meal schedule and why following this eating strategy will keep you from losing fat and in a fat storing mode instead of a fat burning one:

7 a.m. Breakfast
(next you have 5 hours between breakfast and lunch)
Noon Lunch
(next you have 7 hours between lunch and dinner)
7 p.m. Dinner
(now you have 12 hours between dinner and your next  breakfast!)

Anyone with weight issues is usually metabolically inefficient and reads this eating schedule as “Oh my God, I am starving between most of my meals and I am getting NO FOOD for 12 hours!  HOLD ONTO THE FAT!  We may need it for survival, especially since we do not know when we will be getting another meal after the 12 hour fast!”

This is a bad signal for your body to get, so the TRICK is to create an internal environment of nutrients in your body that gives it the GREEN LIGHT to let go of the FAT and keep your metabolism revved up as it is meant to be!  Now when your brain and muscle cells are fed good nutrients, consisting mostly of PROTEIN and some “good” CARBS in each meal, and you are eating frequently 5-6 meals throughout the day, you are giving your body a signal that you are not STARVING and able to survive without holding on to the FAT!

Have you ever wondered how those really “ripped” body builders or fitness models get so ripped?  Well speaking from experience and competing in numerous bodybuilding and fitness contests throughout the years, I can tell you the TRICK is eating around the clock, every 3 hours and sometimes even as many as 6-8 small meals throughout the day and evening hours too.  Sometimes waking up at 1-2 am and having a protein shake or a bowl of cottage cheese then at 5 a.m. for another protein shake or a few hard boiled eggs whites.  What happens when you eat this way is your body becomes tricked into thinking that it does not need to hold onto ANY FAT!  So the constant intake of the right foods, in the right combinations as I discuss in my e-book, Rapidly Ripped The Ultimate Fat Burning System for Life, is one of the critical strategies to the process of releasing FAT and getting your body into a fat burning mode!  This is why the very low calorie/starvation diets dont work and slow down your ability to lose fat much sooner than you like.  And by the way, since you are depriving yourself and eating less as opposed to eating more often, they are a miserable experience as well.

Why eating 5 to 6 meals a day is the way to go when it comes to losing body fat, eliminate food cravings and having increased energy!

Eating six small balanced meals per day trains your brain that it is “never really hungry” due to the constant stretch on the upper stomach that comes with this kind of regular eating.  See when your upper stomach gets stretched your stomach feels full and it then sends a signal to your brain that you are full and you feel satisfied.  The appetite satisfaction that you get from the protein rich meals balanced with good Carbs on the Rapidly Ripped Eating program, last about 2-1/2 – 3 hours!  In addition, since you are eating every 3 hours on the Rapidly Ripped Eating program, you basically dont have time to develop those deep hunger cravings that messes up just about any eating plan and just when your stomach is beginning to growl and feeling hungry it is time for your next meal.

With this type of eating strategy you are training your brain that there is no time to really ever feel hungry.  Your brain and body are cared for and its nutrient needs are being met.  This is why the six meal eating strategy you will learn in the complete Rapidly Ripped Fat Burning System for Life severely decreases and in some cases eliminates food cravings!

When you follow a DIET you are depriving yourself of food and starving your body but on the Rapidly Ripped Eating plan you are feeding and nourishing your body every 3 hours, six times a day so when do you have time to feel hungry and when do you fit in cheating?  Constantly stretching your stomach TRICKS your brain into feeling full most of the time.  When you begin the program you will be amazed that you are never really hungry and you feel like you are always eating.  You may even feel like you want to skip a meal because you are always satisfied and may even feel full-but Dont!  Remember, skipping meals will only begin to slow down your metabolism and place you back into a fat storing mode tricking your body into thinking it is approaching famine or starvation mode and will hold onto the FAT!

Eating six meals a day creates a “metabolic environment” that supports your energy and muscle metabolism, while helping you burn bodyfat.  Study after scientific study has shown this to be so and a recent published report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition cites that people who ate six times a day had a faster metabolism rate than those who ate just three meals daily.  The study showed eating meals frequently throughout the day every 3 hours, like we promote on the Rapidly Ripped Eating Strategy, allows you to burn fat more efficiently!

By Charles Damiano
Nutrition and Fitness Expert
Bestselling author of Rapidly Ripped
The Ultimate Fat Burning System for Life!
Body-for-Life 2004 Grand Master Champion Winner
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