The Best-Kept Secret in Dumbbell Exercises

The don’t call us the home exercise experts for nothing.

Watch this videro for an incredible dummbbell workout that will give you the edge in fat loss for 6 pack abs and muscle gain- especially if you don’t have access to a gym.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, I’m your personal coach Charles Damiano coach and I am claudia and this is our routine total body strengthening have divided the routine day into 3 parts on the first work with the top of the then body legs, and finish with something nucleo so we’ll work from head to toe today the only hardware required for this day will be a pair of dumbbells either a chair, bench or step plyo with what count and loitering around the house and for the weight we have to use, which is a very common question that weight we should use certainly depend on your level of fitness just remember they have a little rule is always best to start lijeros and then go up gradually I’ll see intermediate changes and outposts today and I will be making modifications for beginners of all your movements so you will choose which are the most appropriate movements and we can not wait for e sto have to start hope are ready, let’s do it! claudia began with One Arm Push Jerk and one arm Landmine so only need one for this first dumbbell exercises.
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how to do dumbbell exercises exercise will start from the supporting position by putting my weight on my hips and bring to the front claudia will be somewhat similar but take online upstairs so for Landmine use my hips and my weight I will push at an angle of 45 degrees while Claudia is pushing online with respect to the ground will not count reps today instead over time we will to do as many repetitions we can during these periods changed side shifting arms and resumed this is definitely stronger uses the torso a little leg version Claudia is a little softer but none is easy because anyway lift the weight with great to using your legs and raise very well one of the things I think we should keep in mind is Respirar interrupted and only need one dumbbell cl Audia if you like you can use the banks for rows if we are to make the easy version we can go by banks but if we do not go to the ground with one arm we Rows I will do it from the position of Bear and claudia will make Self supported Rows so they can use your chair, bench or whatever you like can confidently modified version otherwise from the position Bear plank I’m not crawling alone on my knees already noticed, I’m raising your knees’m pulling my elbow very well breathe ok again do as many reps can change sides so called today’s game the first round might seem to have some movements the next will be exactly the same but we will try to do better well breathe again doing so we can while maintaining a posture appropriate well well well , keep it up we will need both weights for the next usare now the bank if they have a later follow me if you do not follow claudia and his version will work for you We do Db Chest press + twist upwards give them back so the palms remain facing each other and the back, the palms will see down as we go down this exercise will give them an extra crunch in the chest if you are using the surely conseguiras banking a range of extra room on the floor but if you do not have a banking motion, not the version worry about the floor works great too great job, as I said before try to do so we can at this time very well breathe great job continue like this we’re going for 10 seconds flatten the chest when they are in excellent stop very well, if you are using the bank’s time to separate it from another ponganse way claudia foot will make Upright Row while I’ll be doing Power snatchPull and in any form will work with with the upper back muscles so I lean using my waist with great power up your elbows and claudia from a controlled position so I will raise elbows definitely this is an advanced version and it’s up to you to decide .. which is the most appropriate, as this always works with our trapezes and upper muscles of the well SURE back to breathe fighting burning ay and I’m feeling it on my shoulders so is madam’re absolutely right well let’s also a little descanzamos, Claudia will use the bench for the next she will do Seated Press, I will remain standing for .. Strict bottom shoulder press up from the chair position is a little easier to remain standing forces me to engage more my torso and more balance in any way we should not push us seizing the moment of Strict press must go up and down with a good range of excellent mobility work very well continue breathing is to be burning his shoulders so is madam, ay is annihilating I’ll leave aside this, we will need a dumbbell for the following claudia perform One Arm Reverse Fly I will do Sword Pull it’s like unsheathing the back of his protector breathe, who sends and Jalen claudia keeps tight torso, back straight, let me show you guys turn around is better we’ll split in half both sides and in any way keep semi bent elbow is time to change via a lopsided other very well pull back control without definitely serious momentum easily take advantage of the serious imposed a little help for this if you’ve noticed, not quize interrupt you had to go down weight just because this movement is a bit difficult for me to ensure my reverse fly out properly so it is not surprising that lose weight if they have a weak point descanzamos, and we will need both dumbbells for following will Iso-90 Curl well I’ll leave an elbow at 90 degrees while the other side contracts and claudia will do it without the Iso only make Curl one arm at a time so I will argue the opposite with 90 degree angle side so basically my arm will not descanzar well breathe what have we pumped pumped and if we twist is going to become more difficult depending on the weight you’re using so definitely and we know, it is not easy version easier to change ok aside a clarification should be considered excellent job so we continue feeling the claudia fathoms, it feels good. and I like we like to hope that home worship him, pelen against guys fight go through recomensa, think how great it will feel when they are done ok’s turn to Overhead Triceps Extension then claudia will hold a dumbbell one side and the other will stay up, while both above, and one in 90 while the other is doing tricep extension so this is the last movement with an arm 90 and continues to work with the other opposite side and my arms are burning burning the other side of the arm is in the fathoms hitting the triceps side shift 90 now on this side will fight to pass me are hurting but you’ll find out I’m hiding’ll win that lighter we go here we go not much pelen guys pelen is the end of the first round that was brutal, we are left in this recesito ok one, and if they need water go by her arms shake catch their breath I almost started claudia list is already list and dies of excitement to my not see me, the latter has wiped out my arms ok then we go with Landmine Presses a dumbbell and start anyway keep a small jump in the legs and elevenla as I said now not only feel the movements if we do not we go faster one after another we follow and moving guys the next time you come back and repeat this routine will see that improve a little change aside ok we followed, repiren keep her tight torso Burn him not save anything Get him everything well we by Rows, for the bench and dumbbells I from Bear plank row and claudia from bench supported row from down here in any way we should have the torso and the parallel back to keep them flat firm the difference in the two is that we must involve more the torso in the version of claudia back only isolate you decide which is right for you today excellent very well and in any way we should do both s pulls us while passing this time we are getting there we moved to the opposite side we will accelerate the pace we are going to get no back look something brought here today Focus on it whatever that is motivating the goal that propose is its drive motor, right here keep her near each repetition in each repetition have it close ok we Chest Press with twist below and go to the bank or will see claudia go to the floor decide which is best for you anyway let’s start the set starts in 3 .. let’s do remember we will rotate the hands, palms facing each other in the butt will press your chest muscles have it, great job we all do not forget to breathe some fresh air fighting to pass well let’s go hard today we have much to do in the shortest time imagine not have much to do but we do well, we focused here we have this great not much with both cufflinks rnas we stand ok we need both because we upright row or power pull makes this bench aside will strike back so let us attack the ataquemosla back with great power breathe have come far and we do well pulling elbows fight and pass this we have more than 75% already done this routine and goes cantilevered not go, do not stop no pausen just keep moving that’s all, let moving we are getting there we’re almost there not detract many ok it’s time to do Strict over head press and claudia already preparing his seat and I anticipate then pressed firmly on the great head range of motion that works directly with the deltoids, and the overwhelming triceps for me especially at this point in the routine with great guys impulse fighting, fighting, fighting, anything they want to go they do not have to go are fighters so we are all fighters not much ok facts are almost there, it’s time to go Sw ord Pull so I just need a dumbbell or one arm reverse Fly pulling with the semi bent elbow will hit the muscles of the back so we’ll do the deltoid shoulder good of muscles are being hit with this very well breathe change very While we will fight with us going we are here with you we are here with you is not it true claudia here we go let’s go! We are just not much left arms and go do great keep pushing yes! Love this ardor learn to love him we will return comfortable that is not comfortable I get that nice, ok we are on the curls below ok 2 exercises but here we go so it’s just 2 so with a frame 90 and I contract, while claudia ago curls you decide what is the best but do them we
uff going great not know about you but I’m thinking I’ll eat later but I’m hungry I did not know it could be that thing will be so dire, and editare so let arm while going with a lot of guys feel like we exchanged we feel so good this ardor tonifiquemos these biceps are going to break right here we will break every rep will improve gradually in each repetition we get closer to your goal focusing on it is because we are here so close your eyes and visualize it what on the list we’ll use the lighter weight to perform the following was way too for my set going by overhead tricep ext ok here we go with an arm 90 while the other works working and going oh yeah let’s get our just happy zone here’s what we come not go and put the pause button not lower your dumbbells should not surrender before us not give up so we , later we will pass all we’re doing this routine right now feeling the same pain you feel including us switch sides ok here we are on the last we get more kids to the finish line we will fight until the end see the finish line going through it so we we go for it right there spend together not much left arms are made I feel like jelly gimme 5 start with variations Stiff leg Deadlift I will make one leg Stiff leg Deadlift, claudia version modified if to show them how to do it with both legs dejenme adjust the bench behind me now inclined carrying lijeramente using knee hips back and then do them to the front tightening the glutes and thighs at the top keep your back straight is always good to keep your eyes up and help them get back great straight let the top down and the version I’m doing also working with the balance at once, definitely it takes a bit more finish grasp and then we get carried away while here we go, feeling the stretch in parts of the thighs do not take account of the reps today we will only do so many we can with enough time I’ll put my weight to a side, next is complicated with them made with claudia stays with them because it is easier, can you believe it’ll do side Chair Lunge and claudia will do side lunge Hdb I will perform the version with lifting, putting my weight on my hips back and then leaning back me up try to keep the leg straight, claudia do the same for leg while keeping your feet on the floor you decide which version is more ade cuada, and they can leave very well, be sure to breathe during the entire movement feel the stretch leaning back, spreading the weight over the hips ever make yourselves backwards not put everything on the knee Take him to her hips and stand very well change side .. the other side now give, with the same amount of time on both legs, carrying the weight to the hips excellent work, with this many leg muscles are working that commonly, child abductors are not working to more is a heavy movement for me if it is not easy for anyone, very well, keeping the leg straight feel great work stretches, we fight and we do not have much descanzamos well Carries bulgarian split squat, while claudia will make Split squat usare the bench for this usare back my dumbbells decide whether to use the dumbbells for split squat variation will place one foot on the bench, claudia pa rtira from the position of Stride performing any just have to drop the weight and get back up maintaining good posture while we carry out will work with both sides in the same way dividing to half going up and down while maintaining a good range of motion with this excellent movement good legs and burn and feel so good so we know it’s working now switch sides with the opposite side now keep the same distance between the legs going up and down to maintain balance because it is difficult both as fatigue very well present with a very good range of motion it is one of my movements favorite leg separates the leg work making this work more than a squat simply great job keep it up for a few seconds more holy god! very good weights will put aside for both versions will, Hip Ups claudia will be doing one leg Hip and with Lifting Up ion one leg Hip Up Colocare a check on the bench, Claudia done on the floor in any way we will place your hands on the sides, carrying a check up by pushing with the opposite foot, aiming for the roof felt with this the buttocks, thighs maybe slightly lower back trying as much as possible to make the buttocks and thighs work a lot with this movement, fluid range, we are not bouncing around is very important’re above the floor, raising and lowering online, super bass Control work with full movement trying to bring the foot towards the ceiling change aside now god can feel the heat with this, if it’s great, we leverage our own body weight one leg must move all the great weight work continue so keep focused remember why they are here from the maintain that approach principle whatever the motivating this by going up and down squashing the glutes at the top is not great job much is made very well we will either Db Squat or Db squat lunge combo that corresponds me, oh both are horrible are equally striking claudia show them the normal squat I will make a stride squat lunge squat with a then the other in the SURE squat bring your weight to the hips each time, and the lunge squat maintain an angle of 90 on both knees pretty make sure to keep your knees outward read my mind is exactly what I will say do not let collapse into you keep them exactly what are getting so keep excellent work we pass this ardor is not much to it give me five seconds is done well no weight is needed for the following we are going to do something good classic style: Wall Sit claudia do so with both legs at the same time, I will do it with one at a time if I’ll do it and if you’re wondering seriously .. we will sit after the squat if you know .. happens you asked who was following but not put their hands so BRE legs on either side not cheating may be here, here or here rather not see and think cambiare more or less than half that’s a good idea to breathe and go to your happy place go Focus if they do it with one leg at it’s time to change very well and hold what they have it pelen atravez this is all mental if mental strength work with it right here well, they are fighters not deserting will continue to work we are getting almost almost great job, ough .. that was the end of the first round catch their breath drink water if they have their legs shake a little make that move and flow lactic acid we subtract 10 seconds back with leg Deadlifts Stiff so we will need cufflinks for it I will do alternating legs Stiff Deadlifts, claudia both decide which is most appropriate for you in 3..2..1 .. here we give’ve found that this second attempts are always better than p irst I feel a bit looser here we go great with a full range of motion squashed at the top and feel that stretch pushing your hips back no matter what version are doing will feel that stretch my legs and are a little tired right, keep fighting we can move forward just like that, that was good is not about being perfect, I’m not, claudia not only are we getting a little better each repetition of it all to be a better version of ourselves great job is to follow so there is no much will continue with side lunge claudia follow with dumbbells I will do it from the raised part of the bank’s side Chair Lunge so pick one and go for it keeping pace in this second round demaciado momentum this at any time sideways push knees outward while reclinense down over the hips is not only inclining the knee bend weight reduction also nice to fo NDO Prove improve their flexibility, mobility and also great work force remain so, breathe and continue uff is not easy is the last switch sides and not easy ok we do not come here so easy we come by the true challenge, good line Oh yeah, I came out of nowhere come here to improve, or not? It is why we are here, getting better with each Think about it repetition and focus to think about your goals, and what they have to do to achieve them how much work you take at any time can pull the weight and use body weight if correct nothing happens if, Drop your dumbbells if necessary not hurt and thanks for taking into account all you have to do is throw your weight and whatever they do to customize the routine is done, we have below split squats either Bulgarian Split squat for me, or the version Regular classical Split squat with correct claudia, we start from the position of Split and here we stand up, straight down, do you pass maintain good posture that supported the heel, not recargen the tip foot front foot only it will focus heel support excellent work continue so focus on this continue so follow so do not give up switch sides excellent job with the opposite side and we are on the very good work you chi cos can this does not surrender can pass does not give the pause button not give up no descancen is a hard and fast routine fight with us until the end we will succeed well with good pace one after another keep tight torso also, not loose shoulders back ok have hip ups below a leg to be accurate either high, or both legs sorry quize say high or the floor no matter how use try not to fall asleep no, we raise their heel, bringing their hips up beginning to feel the fatigue that I bring is part of the routine will become more mental than physical all in the head do not give up, do not listen to that little voice that says: ya Give it up, and can not follow those in charge we will change our leg with the opposite and we well continue well excellent so we almost have it, more than half is made in the second round to continue rising, we do not have much kids are in control we take the heel, and the latter is hech or ok we either squat or squat lunge decide with which they will work and go for 2 more and we go two more and be all one after another we fighting with the ardor that is burning because your legs you are saying and They do not have much
to give but they know they are lying to you, do not listen we will fight this ardor when your legs get tired, do squat with the heart that’s all we have, that we just made here, pushing and passing well we’ll getting not much ok dumbbells down just last here ended in the wall wall squat a leg or two either do take it as a compliment and make happens right here in your happy place, they can with this they can with this do not give up, and we got away, it is not time to go is time to go around fighting until the end, running to catch up to cambio..cambio for one another if they are are two Quedate that was cruel, I will not ruin your quize hope you guys do after ok continue to hold Hold it, I almost have have it, do not give up do not leave not deserting give me 10 seconds that’s all it is not a false alarm this is real horrible was that this is real right now here we are exercising with you without special effects or dolby this is live abdominal both are ready to put the fire I hope are ready let’s do it, let’s begin ok let’s start with Claw on the floor and back, I’ll take the dumbbells for this I will scatter me like a star sea, start with power and requiring space got up and together we will raise the legs, and crush the abs on top lifting your shoulder blades off the floor flattening the abs on top are not going to count the repetitions today and only going to complete as many repetitions we can during the given time period as we can peeling off the shoulder blades off the floor squashing the abs at the top we are getting there, breathe good job up one after another correctly everything under control without bouncing legs with the floor does not have much to it ok now let’s start from the position of throttle opening legs hands are stretched, while we reach crunch by lifting your shoulder blades off the floor noticed also if you are using weights, as they will create some resistance looking and raising great job breathe and lift and different corners where the abs are today work every inch of them come on, breathe, one after another they will getting well again and under control by keeping the abs contracted one after another breathe, not much will incorporate us to start from the lateral position starting from the position of lateral plank continue with side Raise + Front Raise excuse you go around if just so, okay, and I you caught now going to recharge the lateral position of a forearm holding us, we will raise forward and then to the f rente correct and the next again notice that will be a little harder, if you are using dumbbells do not feel pressured doing that will become a little stronger each time they return and complete this great, definitely not forget to breathe in this excatamente keep tight torso they will getting his arm beneath you, feel that oblique that only this calcining and so it is definitely working with the oblique also going to get great and will switch sides on 5 .. ok with the opposite side with If you are using your weight, or your rug ok going up, one after another are not taking breaks today, let’s go fast and hard great today work we give one of the wonderful things about this is that your arm can move so even If you are not using weights because only his torso forza .. stabilize your body, of course, and it does work much more activation of the torso, torso getting activated we will let one after other guys we are getting well, breathe not retain the breath is not much give me 5 seconds longer, and that’s all we’re almost there 3..2 .. ok we will continue with Russian Twists are a couple of variations with this, but again do it as your own I’ll take a dumbbell for this, raising my feet and I’m going to recline at an angle of 90 degrees twisting from side to side claudia meanwhile, they will notice you have your feet on the floor making it easier , you decide which is the right want to be tested can even stretch your legs as riding a bike, both very well breathe, and if they are not twisting even so it burns even that way, happens to be combined with other movements we are doing today great one after another, already waiting for me in the second round so it is definitely, you know you will feel in the second round because you have already felt the first is the sign of things to come they are getting are going emujen and continue to come on come on 5 .. ok we take the second weight if we if we will not, continue Punch Out Sit Up we recline at an angle of 45 degrees will give blows back and forth bringing the hands back chin every time every time, you were thinking! do this, after a Russian twist thought to give the abs a beautiful fatigue, so sorry the tired but amazing result if, so we know what is working and everyone is feeling in his right abs now is how we know we will continue to fight against this pelen pain against this burning, they will get, super job very well one after another, not much fighting and going this is the end of the first round ok we will take a quick breath, take some water if need this is not a long break, will be a break of 15 seconds that means returning for Claws on 5 .. get ready all, 3 .. welcome back to Claw oh god! They are going to get going I turn a little I need a little more space and I have to accommodate my height is 1.89 cm, great job one after another with the detached shoulder blades off the floor between each repetition is that at some point they’ll be tempted to bounce feet on the ground but do not do it, let’s make no mistake after another, right here can do not much flying right through this on 5 .. ok we will continue with Butterfly Reach Crunch placing your feet together and legs open we raise and crush lifting your shoulder blades off the floor, and crushing the abs on top great job all oh god this pierces sure not to throw himself in front just try to reach the ceiling seek the roof we are in flames, all burning us so rich, obviously we also if we are feeling as you are not alone in this great work ok going to move in another movement like burning from the lateral position of the plank I sostenemo us s, ready to rostizarnos, here we go side raise + front raise we will get claudia trying to figure out that this is not remember, if you do not also know how is called follow claudia she takes care of that, but everything is fine, as you can see, this is real right here, so real .. I’ve been a mother all day is true she always mother’s day, hasfiter all night and nothing can stop it oh ya for, thank you very much for bringing me today sweet wife thank you very much … ay is a pleasure many thanks for following us from home we would not do this without you focused one after another just getting going here it’s time to switch sides, and they are going now, we return to the road, we return to the road here we go, one after another, and if you are following my modifications .. please excuse me, are not bad is not perfect, try to do the best they can will become better, remember that at home it is becoming better every day every time, every repe ticion and prove it right here is not about being perfect just work hard and better turn again, that’s all right here you are getting one after another, which is what they have, they have leave it here as it is that weight there, this burning okay, let us turn continue with Russian Twists means which it bears a weight sinking back 45 g, IRE forth one after another ok you decide which side of these from modifications is right for you is important talking about this movement that has to rotate the torso is not enough to move only the right hands, this is not done, that does nothing for you nothing, it is possible not feel anything and say not so bad if it’s not bad, trust reclinense at 45 degrees .. and go from one place to another, and so will feel that’s what I call madam.aqui Twist is so great … oh man we going to get is going to be brutal fight, twist after side planks do not have much going for is not ok punch out sit up without descanzo we know that we here argg about 45 degrees jabbing back and forth very well, returning his hands to his chin which have place it outside all go by, let’s all mind from this point everything is mental push and pass are not deserters fighters and want say that if you do not believe it will then not here i let’s all in your head back and forth from one side to another strive if they can if they can here going great and almost almost gimme 5..4 .. super good is the end of the second round and we have a completer round so before we left acabemoslo ok we have a last break 15 seconds to make it count, take a couple of breaths this last round intends to kill you hence the name the finishing Round so let’s do burn some planks in this round so we to start with Plank hip Touchdowns so let’s go with the left hip touching the floor and right hip touching the floor no change in this only do so they can if they need to go down and descanzar, lower and descancen but if you keep moving and that will be all right here, this round goes to show that they are made to show themselves that they are made more than anything sorprendanse themselves today, that is the goal that should be pursued even more than you thought and ra possible to achieve, we will give, go, left hip right hip, keeping tight torso, just giving pat and returning, toquecito and returned very well what are getting great job everyone talking the way of coaching so must being, it is how we really just so ok we are on a similar, but from the lateral position of the plank we will make side deeps plank based on the lateral position claudia show them using knees and then go up and down if you want to start with I’m doing and then switch on your knees right, and visceversa doing himself did not throw back, here we are people this is working as if his life depended on it because it does so let’s give giving everything
they have left switch sides working with both not much stay with me, do not put this malevolo pause video must not stop, will they want to do and that’s easy but do not do that I can not you stop either, that’s right, we have no pause button Here we are doing this for you stay here doing it for you, not for anyone else with everything that they have right here place it here right here not much could do this all day, thinking positively now just plank and will be done so that we are on the classic plank can be from above, or on the knees claudia show them the version knees can follow her or my you decide and will all this is the end routine do not give up, and get are not dead so it is here we go, but if they die they do not have because you have a lot of life kicking, fighting god has blessed with two legs and can get out of that bed this morning, and should not take it for granted should use what they were given, so we are going to work, working children, breathe can do it all day with positive mindset and happy our site to our happy place debemo s have it just have to think that’s all and that your family, what you love is to think about that goal you want to achieve all this here right now breathe 10 seconds and will give me everything, and we got away not have because to leave now do not go here we almost and this great fact work if we did, if I could personally I feel great and I represent those who are walking around I’m so glad it’s the end for my obliques that are on fire , mangled if you liked this routine, as much as we are, burned … if you liked this routine as much as we make sure to give us a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel you tube apart from all, it allows us to keep everything SURE free to visit Patreon the page if you like to support what we’re doing here really appreciate what review on facebook, twitter, instagram, for more motivation for new deliveries to be up to date, and contact we hear, and answer what comment we want to be the best, right there for you Thank you for giving us the pleasure of serving coach kozak am today, and Claudia, and you will see in the next routine

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