Leg Workout Q and A- Exercises, Rep Ranges, Growth and Definition The primary function of weight training is to stimulate muscle growth. Every time you grab a weight you should keep this in mind. Muscle is best stimulated to grow by overload and that is why I train my legs as such, all year long. Here’s how.

Get Ripped Abs for Summer! Anyone who has labored long and hard to sculpt, shape and tone their muscles has experienced one truly awe inspiring and outstanding benefit- Going shirtless or sporting your favorite bikini with a sense of pride and confidence!

Eat More to Sky Rocket Your Metabolism and Fat Loss! With this type of eating strategy you are training your brain that there is no time to really ever feel hungry.  Your brain and body are cared for and its nutrient needs are being met.

How To Maintain Your Fitness and Health for Life? When I was invited to speak at the largest Pharmaceutical Company in the world-Abbott Laboratories.

How Much Protein Do You Need To Get A Ripped Lean Physique? This will place you in an anabolic state, allowing you to optimally utilize the protein in each meal most efficiently, so that it works on building and maintaining lean ripped muscle and not getting stored as body fat!

Top 5 Anti-Aging Foods The wrong food choices cause inflammation down to the cellular level. And while you can’t see it, that inflammation leads directly to wrinkling, sagging, and premature aging.

Tips for Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs Do you want to sculpt a tapered, razor-sharp set of six pack abs?

Tips for Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs- Part 2  Learning how, what and when to eat is crucial if you want to sculpt a ripped physique with striated six pack abs.

Tips for Getting Six Pack Abs- Part 3 This will help get you body fat percentage down to 10% or under and only then, will you truly see those razor sharp abs!

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