Top 5 Anti-Aging Foods

Five Super Foods That Will Make You Look Younger!

The secret to healthy youthful looking skin lies in the food you eat, which will keep you looking younger than your years!  Obviously avoiding nicotine and excessive sunlight will help but dermatologist, Dr. Nicholas Perricone says, “the wrong food choices cause inflammation down to the cellular level. And while you can’t see it, that inflammation leads directly to wrinkling, sagging, and premature aging.”

Here are the 5 Super Foods to eat to prevent that from happening:


Astaxanthin is the pigment that makes the fish pink and powerfully helps fight against free radicals. These are molecules that damage cell membranes and DNA and cause skin to age.  A study found that eating one serving every five days can prevent actinic keratoses.  Those ugly rough patches that are precancerous.


Beta-carotene, which makes these potatoes orange helps balance your skins PH, combat dryness, and promotes cellular turnover, which all results in smoother skin.


Lycopene, the tomatoes red pigment, is a potent antioxidant that shields skin from sun damage, like sunscreen, but from the inside out.  To best absorb lycopene eat tomatoes with olive oil.  This is one of my favorite sides with lamb chops or fillet Mignon, giving you the protein, healthy fats and nutrient dense carbs, creating a great meal following the Rapidly Ripped Eating Strategy!


Vitamin C is essential to building collagen, a vital component to young looking skin, which starts breaking down in your twenties. Bioflavonoids, which protect skin from UV rays and help prevent cell death are also found in citrus fruits.


Lutein, which is found in spinach, kale and other greens, helps protect skin from sun-induced inflammation and wrinkles.

Bonus Tip to Prevent Wrinkles:

Stay away from white foods! Here is another reason to avoid white breads, pasta, rice and other refined grain products – they’re quickly broken down to the ultimate white food: SUGAR! Once in the blood stream, sugar bonds with protein and creates advanced glycation end products, which cause collagen to become inflamed and stiff, leading to wrinkles!

These five and many more anti-aging foods as well as the best fat burning foods, are all part of the Rapidly Ripped Program, which not only will help you get lean, ripped and muscular, but will also help you to continue to “improve with age!”

By Charles Damiano
Nutrition and Fitness Expert
Bestselling author of “Rapidly Ripped”
The Ultimate Fat Burning System for Life!
Body-for-Life 2004 Grand Master Champion Winner


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